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AIRTITE  Insulation uses uses Korefill graphite bonded bead. This product is manufactured and distributed by Airpacks Ltd based in Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan.

Korefill graphite bonded bead offers the best insulation rating for cavity walls. It consists of expanded polystyrene beads and a special bonding agent being injected into the cavity to form a highly effective insulating mass.

The honeycomb type formation of the beads allows any dampness to drain away. It will also never shrink or settle. Our specially certified installers drill a series of strategically positioned 22mm holes, about the size of a one euro coin, into the wall.

The bead and bonding adhesive is then injected under high pressure. The pumping machine has a sensor that will keep pumping until a full fill is achieved, much like when you top up your car the pump stops automatically when the fuel meets the nozzle.

The holes are then sealed with cement and camouflaged to match the finish of the house as closely as possible. Since the work is done from the outside, it causes very little disturbance. It's fast to do, most houses only take one day to complete.
It won't break the bank to install and considering the savings you will make through the rest of the life of the building Airtite wall insulation is the straightforward choice.


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